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For your Friday. The soundtrack to this week’s BestWorstYear. Spin freely.

The soundtrack to this week’s BestWorstYear is here to get you ready for the episode. Maybe a clue? Maybe you’ll dig? Hope you’ll spin.

Here’s this week’s soundtrack to #BestWorstYear. Spin and be well, folks. @sundoglit

During our layover for BestWorstYear, how about some music? Here’s this week’s BWY soundtrack. Enjoy.

This week’s soundtrack to BestWorstYear for your listening pleasure. Spin and be well.

Best Worst Year: Episode 53 (Or, Life on Mars)

I have been sitting at my desk for the better part of an hour trying to think of her name. The initial spark–the first clumsy glimmer–the awkward stumble down a seemingly endless flight of stairs–the unmoved mover, and in this case, the vague impression whose name I always thought would be a lingering looming shadow. She, the origin of longing’s echo. So much for memory; so much for making a lasting impression, I guess. I don’t know if this means I’m old enough that the names of extinguished flames have overlapped and collaged the walls of my heart to the point of creating a black veneer of wordless indistinction or just that I’m damn fickle and haven’t really grown up. Continue reading 

BestWorstYear is on the way. While we wait, how about this week’s soundtrack? Spin & be well. @sundoglit